Creative Digital

Would you like to buy banner display ads, but don’t know where to begin? Who do you call? If you find a provider, will they even sell it to you?
Chance are, unless you are ready to commit $10,000 a month, the internet distributors of digital inventory won’t even return your call!
This is where Dean of Creative Marketing can help. We have the means to purchase and develop a complete  internet strategy or a simple banner ad campaign.

– Branding
– Target Display
– Retargeting
– Geo Fencing
– Facebook Advertising
– Paid Search
For less than $1500.00 per month, Dean of Creative Marketing can develop an internet banner display ad campaign that will reach over 100,000 target customers within a specific geographic area.


Internet marketing is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity…
Dean of Creative Marketing can make it a reality!